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Is Fixed Income Accepted?

At, you can still apply for a payday loan even if you're on a fixed income. If you receive social security, pension or disability benefits, you may still qualify for a cash advance or same day loan. Even if you do not have a job and instead are on a fixed income, you may still be able to get a loan from one of our trusted lenders. We understand that any person, employed or not, may find themselves in a situation where they need a little extra help until they receive their next benefits check. That is why we are committed to helping individuals on a fixed income.

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What is a cash advance?

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What is a Payday Loan?
What is a Cash Advance?
What is a Cash Loan?
What is a Paycheck Advance?
Paycheck Advance FAQ
Payday Loan FAQ
Cash Loan FAQ
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Cash Advance FAQ
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