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  Authorities Warn About Loan Collection Scam
A recent scam that has been circulating in Colorado has caused authorities to warn consumers about phony payday loan collectors.

According to reports from the Colorado Department of Public Safety, investigators have received reports from Colorado and several other states in which callers who were posing as the "Colorado Department of Law and Investigations" demanded credit card payment for allegedly negligent loan accounts.

The callers reportedly became abusive and threatening while demanding payment. State officials are warning consumers to be wary of such calls, and to never give out personal information out over the phone.

When applying for a payday loan or cash advance, it is vital that you perform the right steps and never give out your information to a source you don't trust. At ConnectedCommunities, receiving a loan is a quick and easy process through our online paycheck advance application. We only share your information with the lenders from who you will be receiving your advance. We will never share it to other outside sources unless required to for legal reasons.

When you need a loan from a source you can trust, get started with our quick online payday loan application today!

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