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  Why use a payday loan?
One of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is why you should use a payday loan to help you in your time of financial emergency. When you compare the costs of using a payday loan versus other financial sources such as overdraft protection or borrowing money from a relative or friend, a payday loan can almost always be a more workable solution.

The primary differnece between payday loans and overdraft protection is that overdraft protection always charges one flat fee no matter how much you overdraw your account. This means that whether you withdraw a single dollar or a hundred dollars from your account you will still face the same fine, which often ranges between $30 and $70 per overdrafted transaction. This also means that you will face the same fine over and over for each and every transaction that overdrafts your account.

Another issue with borrowing money from a friend as opposed to a lender is that sometimes the amount of money you may need for your emergency may be too much for any friend or family member to handle, or it may place an unnecessary burden on their finances. The benefit of getting a loan from a paycheck advance lender is that it will usually never place a burden on their finances or harm a close relationship.

When you need a cash advance to get you through an emergency try an online payday loan from Our online application is easy and can be approved within minutes. If you are approved you could even receive your loan the same day!

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