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  How fast can I get my cash advance?
When you are in an emergency situation in which you need cash fast to help you handle an expense some types of loans will simply take too long to receive to be of any use.

Not all emergency situations can wait on a lengthy approval, credit check and other necessities of some types of loans, or even just simply waiting for your next paycheck.

The benefit of using a payday loan or paycheck advance from ConnectedCommunities is that you can receive your loan in some case within 24 hours. Getting your cash fast after a mere few minutes for an approval process mean that you have your loan quick and can recover from the emergency or pay for those costs when you need to.

If you need a cash advance for your emergency situation, whether it be for hospital visits, veterinarian visits, house repairs or vehicle repairs, get started with our online payday loan application to find out if you are approved! It takes just a few minutes and requires just a little bit of information to get you approved.

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