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  How does applying for a payday loan work?
The application process for a payday loan or  paycheck advance at ConnectedCommunities is fairly simple and similar to the process of many lenders, with a few key exceptions.

The first pieces of information that are necessary when applying for a cash advance are your full name, social security number and home address. When you use our  online payday loan application you can rest assured that your information will be kept safe against digital information theft.

In order to ensure that you are qualified for the loan additional information will be required including your date of birth, driver's license number for verification, and bank account information for the account to which the loan will be sent. You will also provide your income information, whether it is employment income, or monetary benefits of any kind, as well as if you own or rent your home and your contact information.

At ConnectedCommunities, it is our goal to make applying for a cash loan as easy and quick as possible so that your application be reviewed and, in most cases, approved within only a few minutes.

Get started today with our easy online payday loan application to find out if you are approved for a paycheck advance today!

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