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  Does applying for a payday loan hurt my credit?

One of the biggest concerns that some people have when applying for a payday loan is if their credit will be negatively affected by applying for a paycheck advance.

The quick and simple answer is no! Your credit will not be affected by applying for an online payday loan through ConnectedCommunities. Our lenders do not perform a credit check when determining if an applicant is eligible for any kind of cash advance. This means that even if you have bed credit, no credit or even fantastic credit, your application will not be affected by your credit, and neither will your credit be affected by applying.

The only situation in which your credit could be harmed by a payday loan is if you are late or negligent in paying back the loan. Falling into a situation where you can't keep your agreement with the lender is the worst way to negatively affect your credit. By staying on top of your payments however, you can help ensure your credit is not negatively affected in any way.

If you are in need of a fast and easy cash advance, get started today with our online payday loan application!

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