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  Cash Advance Limitations

Is there a limit to the amount of times you can apply for a cash advance?

Although it is inadvisable to apply for a cash advance multiple times, there is no limit. Since they are mainly used for emergency financial situations, cash advances are best used rarely, not as a regular way to get the money you need. They are perfect for one-time expenses, such as a medical bill or car repair payment, not to supplement your regular income.

If you find yourself using cash advances multiple times within a month, even for several months in a row, it may be time to seek financial counseling. It is always best to determine whether a cash advance will hurt you in the long run, or if it is a viable option for short-term financial problems. Since you will be using your next paycheck to pay for your cash advance, you must be prepared to not have that money available during the next pay period.

If you're looking to get money fast, a cash advance may be ideal for you.  To get started, simply fill out our online form and find out if your approved within moments.

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