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  The Benefits of a Paycheck Advance
Are you thinking about applying for a paycheck advance ? Maybe you ran into an unexpected expense recently or have fallen short on cash in-between pay cycles. Whatever the reason, you should know that there are several benefits associated with ...
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  Cash Advances: Commonly Asked Questions
If you are thinking about applying for a cash advance with ConnectedCommunities, you may have several questions. Below, we have compiled common questions that customers ask before they fill out our cash advance application and we have supplied answers. How ...
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  Tennessee Increases Payday Loan Limits
This year, the General Assembly in Tennessee decided to pass new legislature that will allow state residents to take out payday loans for up to $500.00 from a single lender. In the past, residents were not able to take out that much money. Now, with ...
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  ConnectedCommunities Offers More Convenience than Banks
News sources are buzzing across the nation now that banks have decided to extend payday loans to consumers. However, even though these loans are similar to payday loans, banks are marketing them under a different name - direct deposit loans. Banks ...
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  Advancing Your Paycheck is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
The current troubles of the US economy are quite noticeable among the jobless. However, the economic struggle is much more widespread and the jobless are not the only ones who suffer. Many among the working class are also struggling to make ends ...
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  Back to School Expenses? ConnectedCommunities Can Help
Purchasing the school supplies your children need gets more expensive every year. When combined with school fees and extracurricular activities, back-to-school expenses can catch you unprepared. If you find yourself in this situation, you don't have ...
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  Convenient Online Cash Advances
With today's economy being so tough, many consumers find that they are in need of cash loans, such as cash advances , in order to make ends meet in-between paychecks. Cash advances are ideal because they provide quick financial relief and can be ...
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  Cash Loans in Under 5 Minutes
If you are in need of funds because you have fallen short on cash between paychecks, you may want to consider applying for a cash loan with ConnectedCommunities. The best part about using our cash loan services is that you can fill out your online application ...
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  Emergency Same Day Loans
Are you looking at your calendar and counting down the days until your receive your next paycheck? Maybe you incurred an unexpected expense, such as a car repair, and are in dire need of immediate cash. If you find yourself in this situation and ...
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  Consumer Advocate Groups Demand OCC Restrictions
In the United States, there is a war going on that revolves around " payday loans ". It appears banks and large financial institutions are at-odds with consumer advocate groups. Lenders want to keep offering payday loans, but under the guise of ...
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