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Q: What is a cash advance loan?
A: A cash advance loan is a quick and secure way to get quick cash advanced to you until your next payday.

Q: What do I get to use my advance for?
A: You may use your advance for anything you desire. Most people find them useful for past due bills, unexpected car repairs, emergency expenses. Cash advances are for short term emergency cash needs.

Q: What do lenders require for approval?
A: Most require you to be over 18 years old
A: Most require you to have a full time job

Q: What does the advance cost? 
A: Our lenders fee structures are among the most competitive on the internet.

Q: What if I have poor credit?
A: Our lenders DO NOT check your credit! The lenders do not require good credit and they focus on helping those that have credit challenges.

Q: How soon can I receive the proceeds of my advance?
A:We can get you placed with a lender that fits your specific needs in less than 15 seconds. If your application request is received before 8pm EST we have lenders that can deposit cash to your account on the next business day.

Q: Do you require me to fax any documents?
A: 99% of the lenders we place you with do not require any faxing at all. In the rare event you need to fax follow up information the lender will contact you only after they have exhausted their efforts to do it with out having to fax any documentation.

Q: How soon will you contact me after I apply online?
A: Our goal is to have one of our participating lenders respond to you with in one hour of receiving your application for a cash advance.

Q: How do I get the advance proceeds, and how do I repay the loan?
A: Once the lender has approved your application to be funded it will electronically send the loan proceeds directly to your checking account. In your contract you will see the authorization agreement for the lender to directly debit your account for the appropriate amount due on your due date.

Q: How do I know the amount you debit from my account is correct?
A: All lenders use Federally regulated third party ACH companies that must comply with the Nacha rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Reserve. If you are matched to an International Lender, they to must comply with all Federal laws that govern their lending practices. The amount the lender withdraws from your bank account will only be the amount you have authorized them to do in advance.

Q: How do the lenders establish there fee structure?
A: All the lenders we may match you with have been pre-screened to make sure they have the most competitive rates available for your specific situation. All of the lenders we utilize offer outstanding service and extended hours to be competitive.

Q: What is A.P.R.?
A: APR is the acronym for Annual Percentage Rate that expresses the cost of a loan based over a 1 year period. The APR is required by Federal Truth and Lending Act to be disclosed. Since the lenders you are being matched with only offer cash advances and they are only used for short term cash emergency's they only charge a single flat fee. A cash advance should never be used as a long term financial solution and only to meet your short term cash needs.

Q: How do you determine the amount of money to advance me?
A: Each Lender will base your loan amount on your potential ability to pay back what you were advanced. Everyone lender is different, but we will try to match you with the lender that will approve you for the highest amount for a first time borrower. Most of the lenders will advance up to $1000!

Q: Is my cash advance application confidential and secure online?
A: Super Secure! Our company uses state of the art encryption technology along with secure servers to make sure your information is always safe. We require all the lenders we match you with to have the same or better security systems in place before we will transmit any information to them. Your non public information is always confidential and secured under our company privacy policy.

Q: How does the lender determine my original due date?
A: All lenders will require your advances to come due on your future payday. If you next payday is less than 4 days away the lender in most cases will automatically advance your due date to your following payday. In most cases the lenders will not go out past a 30 day due date.

Q: What happens if I don't have the funds necessary to repay the lender on my due date?
A: You should contact your lender in advance as soon as possible if you know your funds will not be available to debit on your due date. If you notify the lender in advance in most cases they will try to prevent embarrassing situations and unnecessary NSF charges. The lenders are there to help you in a time of need, so if you communicate with them, they will usually always work with you.

Q: Can I get an extension on my cash advance?
A: Almost all the lenders have a provision to provide you with an extension. You must call your specific lender in advance of your due date to make sure you are eligible.

Q: Can I pay my cash advance back early?
A: Yes. All Lenders will allow you to repay your advance early. Please call your lender directly to find out what their specific procedure is for paying off early.

Q: What about cash advance requests on Fridays or the weekends?
A: Each lender has their own policies but most offer the following: All weekend requests will be processed Monday and funded on Tuesday. All Friday applications before 8pm EST will be processed that day and funded on Monday.

Q: In which states are your lenders authorized to provide cash advances?
A: We are able to process advance applications for all states.

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