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Community Kitchen Hosted by Anne Rickert
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Old 01-08-2012, 08:14 PM
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Default Community Kitchen of Montgomery County

Community Kitchen of Montgomery County

One of the main reasons that I wanted to host this section is because while I have always been on a reasonably tight budget, I am finding that this is a new experience for many people in Montgomery County thanks to the current economic woes in America. I would like to offer: recipes, links to food and health related community events, hidden neighborhood gems of cheap healthy foods, farmers market newsletters, community food bank resources, home-made baby food, money saving tips and cheap family oriented activities.

Quite literally I get calls on a regular basis for suggestions on what to cook or how to make something. I hope to share my skills and experiences with the community so that a few things can happen. I want everyone to be able to eat healthy food, no matter what your budget. I want my family to refer to this site instead of blowing up my phone every holiday for recipes. Finally I want to help the community to become happier, healthier and less reliant on more expensive, premade and processed foods. It is easy to be happy without having to spend money, although it takes a little maneuvering to be healthy on a budget. I assure you it can be done!

I invite the community to come and sit at my virtual table and enjoy the kinds of things that my mother shared with me when I was coming up. My mother, two sisters and I lived in a two bedroom farmhouse out in the middle of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and never had much. She worked very hard as an R.N. to provide what little we did have, but it never really felt like I lived "without". I do admit to wanting $100 Guess Jeans that I never got, but in reality a lot of girls wanted those and never got them in the 1980s and they were not all poor like us. My father had passed away when I was very young, but he was born in the 1920s in Rural Vermont and had an upbringing that I associate with the word "Hardscrabble". My mother, who did not come from much either, liked to just say we were being "Scotch" about things, and that there was no use in being frivolous.

So whether you have never learned to cook that much, have recently found yourself downsized along with your paycheck, or just enjoy being thrifty I hope to offer Montgomery County inexpensive, healthy alternatives to the McDonald's drive through or boring nights spent wondering what to do. Food can be an incredible way to bring the family together, and that type of fun cannot be bought...well sometimes it can be at Disney but who can do that every weekend?! So come on Montgomery County let's meet up and have fun at the Community Kitchen.

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