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Old 06-09-2011, 10:50 AM
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Default Rockville City Police Officers, Employees Honored Service

               For Immediate Release
June 9, 2011

Rockville City Police Officers, Employees
Honored for Distinguished, Meritorious Service

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 9, 2011 - Fourteen members of the Rockville City Police Department are among the 31 professionals and volunteers who were honored during the 22nd annual Rockville Public Safety Awards that took place Wednesday, June 8.

Ten of Rockville's law enforcement officers received the program's Distinguished Service Citation.

Officer Chris Day earned the citation for his role in working to save the lives of two employees of the Flagship Car Wash who were pinned under a vehicle that had crashed into another.

Day turned off the ignition to the vehicle and put it in park, then stayed with the men until medics arrived. One man was unconscious and later died. The second man survived. Day risked his own safety, controlled the scene and ensured it did not escalate.

Cpl. Kelly Reidy earned the honor for helping in the arrest and conviction of two men who were found guilty of conspiracy to rob. The second man was convicted of several more charges. Both were involved in a scheme to sell and steal guns. Reidy was honored for his "diligent police work."

Three officers earned the Distinguished Service Citation award for their "patience, bravery and flawless execution in restraining a man without hurting him or allowing him to hurt anyone else." Cpl. Terance Thomas and Officers Jamal Lewis and Eddie Roman answered a call on Oct. 2 for a violent person. They safely controlled a situation, where a 27-year-old autistic man who did not take his prescribed medication was screaming incoherently, and kicking and punching uncontrollably.

Five corporals were also honored for their work on Oct. 31 to save a woman who had locked herself in her bedroom and was threatening to kill herself with a loaded and cocked .357 handgun. Cpls. Heath Marshall, Chris Peck, Jan Seilhamer, Jon Berry and John Pfaehler were called at 8 p.m. Halloween. The officers were able to coax the woman from her bedroom and take her into custody without anyone being hurt.

Five Meritorious Service Citation awards were also given. Maj. Tim Marsh and Theresa Broad earned the award for "being good stewards of the public's money." The two were charged with the responsibility of overseeing the department's $10 million budget.

Jeffrey Curtis, a Rockville Public Works Department employee, earned the honor for his "willingness to be a good resident, despite putting himself in danger." Curtis was in the area of South Stonestreet and Reading avenues on Oct. 27 when he saw a person running through a resident's yard. He alerted a Rockville officer who was patrolling the area looking for someone who had just distributed illegal drugs. The man had eluded police in a vehicle chase and was on foot.

Because of Curtis's "quick thinking and ability to describe the man," police were able to arrest the man, who was later found guilty of distribution and possesses of a controlled dangerous substance, among other charges.

Cpls. Karl Pitt and Phil Lew, who work with the department's Town Center Unit, were honored for their diligence in making arrests based on lookouts and felony information. The two have made a photo album who were arrested or trespassed in the Town Center area. They have made 20 arrests on a variety of charges.

The award's highest honor, the Citation for Bravery, was given to Deputy Sheriff III Norman Adams who "risked his own life to save another man." Adams was driving in his own vehicle on Pennsylvania Avenue when he saw two vehicles speeding during the afternoon rush hour. Both cars went off the road and one flipped over twice before landing on its roof. The driver was trapped in a burning car.

Adams was unable to pull the man from the car because of the driver's large build and the way he was pinned. Adams stayed with the man until rescue workers arrived.

Others receiving awards are as follows:

Distinguished Service Citation
  • Master Firefighter James Cruzan, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter III Eric Bernard, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Deputy Sheriff Frank Pruitt, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department
  • Deputy Sheriff Sammi Ibarra, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department
  • Chief William Dunn, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • EMS Capt. Kathleen Dayton, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter II/EMS Provider I Elliot Richardson, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • EMS Provider III Avital Cooperman, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter II Alex Phillips, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • EMS candidate Nathan Orenstein, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Firefighter/EMS candidate Tammy Farrugia, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department

Meritorious Service Citation
  • Daniel Thomas, president, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary
  • Firefighter III/EMT Daniel Schoenfiled, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
  • EMS Capt. Kathleen Dayton, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department

Community Service Award
  • Harry Thomas, Rockville Volunteer Fire Department
The annual Rockville Public Safety Awards Program is sponsored by the City of Rockville; Washington Rockville Elks Lodge #15; Rockville Kiwanis Club; Rockville Lions Club; Montgomery County Cornerstone Masonic Lodge #195; Rockville Optimists Clubs, Rockville Rotary Club; Twinbrook Citizens Association; Crime Solvers of Montgomery County, Md.; Rockville American Legion Post #86; Rockville Chamber of Commerce; and The Rockville Gazette.

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